What Kind of Woman Rich Men Prefer

perfect womenBoth rich men and ordinary people like younger and more attractive woman who is passionate, considerate, open-minded and connotative. When it comes to physical traits, rich men, millionaire, celebrity and elite are most attracted to a woman’s appearance. When it comes to emotional traits, those wealthy men and well-educated CEOs named intelligence as the most attractive followed by femininity and playfulness.

  • Top Physical Traits

    Sweet Smile: “I have been preaching to you ladies forever, you can never attract a man if you're frowning,” Ms Ward said. At first sight, sweet smiles always catch the eyes’ of others and leave a good impression. He’s not falling love with your frown, but 100 percent falling love with your smile.

    Good Body: slim body, sexy bum, great legs, large breasts…A survey indicated that men prefer a good body over a pretty face. When every single woman keeps a healthy and sexy body, you get your biggest advantages to beat all the competitors and win these fastidiously wealthy men’s love.

  • The other physical attributes men find particularly attractive include legs, long hair, nice feet and well manicured hands

  • Top Emotional Traits

    Femininity: ‘Men like a lady to be a lady. Women that say “well he will just have to take me as I am”…well no, he doesn’t have to take you as you are,’ Ms Ward said.

    Playfulness: Men like women to be playful and like someone who can laugh at herself, can be herself and not always take life so seriously.

    Honesty: Both men and women, be open and honest about your age, about what it is that you want, about your life, so that you do end up meeting the right match. Not for the short term, but for the longer term because every single time you lie, you’re setting yourself up for an absolute dating disaster.

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