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How Do Millionaires And Rich Men Spend Their Money & Free Time?

As all we know how these rich men & millionaires how to make money, but all we wonder how they spend their big fortunes. In fact, those millionaires and billionaires won’t spend their free time making more decisions on how to make more money and how to get richer. In reality, they spend their free time just like all of us: relaxing, shopping, refreshing, traveling, and spending money lavishly.

Here, I have listed top 5 things about how rich men & millionaire spend their money and free time:

#1 Health & Exercise: That health is the most important factor in making big money. Under the rapid development of society and economy, most of us feel tired of life, even suffering from sub-health, especially these successful men who are working in long time under high pressure. So rich people, elites and millionaires always do exercise and condition body to keep healthy and energy at weekend.

#2 Automobiles: I am wondering what you will do when you make $10 million per year. Buy all the expensive stuffs that you ever wanted? But for these billionaires, they are making $10 million every yea. And wealthy men’s passion is Limited Edition Sport Cars, the most fashion & latest automobiles which can show their identity and fortune, and meet their superiority.

#3 Boating: Marine Sport is the most popular sports and is a recreational activity for rich men and millionaires. If you buy a yacht of general price (about $80,000), you will spend $1200 per month (equivalent to about $18,000 a year), including parking fee, insurance, maintenance, gasoline. Invite some friends to your yacht for a luxury party, enjoy the beauty of night, share the expensive wine, talk about the politics, and consolidate the relationships.

#4 Wine & Spirits: Among beer, whisky, wine, the best choice for successful people is wine. People, who drink wine, get to know more of the high-end crowd through wine, and will seize the opportunity to make more money. Most of the precious wine they collect will not be tasted alone, and more often will be shared with friends. This makes them more be aware of the importance of mutual benefit and common challenges in the market.

#5 Fashion & Style: All the rich men, specially the younger rich bachelors, always behave gentle, dress charming, and handsome. And they are always at the forefront of fashion: dress the latest cloth, wear the most expensive watches, and buy the Limited Edition Bag... All of these make them cooler, more gorgers and attractive. On the other hand, only these expensive and luxury stuffs can bring them a sense of pride.

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